Experience of use Normadex

"My history of fighting parasites began when I started raising pets. My husband and I live in a three-room apartment and have several permanent pets, from time to time puppies appear. In addition, we sometimes take in for a while the dogs for mating, and they all live together in our house.

Veronica was infected with parasites from her pets

Our animals are constantly subjected to veterinary checks; they all have a passport and health card. We also do everything that depends on my husband and me: we vaccinate our dogs, give them vitamins and buy anti-worm drugs.

I can say we were more worried about the animals than ourselves. Of course, I know that dogs can be carriers of parasites, after walks I constantly washed my hands and did not allow too close contact with our animals. However, these measures did not help our safety.

My pets have brought parasites into the house

Towards the beginning of autumn I noticed that I had an allergy in the crook of my elbows. I was surprised, since I had never had anything like this before, but I didn't pay much attention to it. At the same time, I began to notice some changes in my health, weakness and constant drowsiness.

And I also got a cough. My husband said I had become pale and I also noticed something happening to me. One day I started having diarrhea. It lasted several days, the drugs practically did not help. Subsequently the unpleasant symptom decreased, but digestion difficulties appeared. I went to the doctor for a consultation, after a complete examination I was sent for tests, which showed a low level of hemoglobin, high white blood cells and ESR. The doctor once again asked me in detail about all my ailments and, after a control test, diagnosed me with helminthiasis.

I use Normadex capsules based on my experience

The doctor gave me several recommendations on choosing a drug for treatment and I settled on Normadex. I decided to start the treatment with a drug based on herbal ingredients, since I always choose natural products. I had no experience with antiparasitic agents yet, but how to use Normadex was described in detail in the instructions. The product should be used in the same way as regular tablets.

After a week of taking the drug, my appearance began to improve and my stools returned to normal. I began to sleep well, as if vitality had appeared in me. The cough also gradually disappeared; then I discovered that it too was caused by parasites.

Veronica was cured of parasites using Normadex

I want to say that the capsules helped me a lot. Two weeks later, my tests were completely normal, the doctor said everything was fine, but he advised me to take the Normadex course until the end. At the end of the course I noticed an improvement in the condition of my hair and skin, as if I had a glow from within.

This is how the use of capsules helped me get rid of parasites and cleanse my body of harmful substances. Now I will implement preventive measures not only for dogs, but also for me and my husband. The instructions for use say that the product can also be used for prevention. I read how many beneficial substances and plant extracts it contains. Some of them were in my favorite women's vitamins. Normadex is definitely worth using for all people who keep pets at home. Even if the dog appears healthy and you take care of it, this does not guarantee that you will be protected from parasitic infections. Normadex is a truly effective drug against parasites. I wish everyone health and recommend using Normadex in every situation.

Veronica, Prague.